Calamity of the Youngbloods

Day one

Yigg quest 1
On the edge of the Deepwood is the poison dusk tribe that camps on the border of the Yggdrasil forest. Seek out the poison dusk for they are able scouts and know the deepwoods well. If you can convince them, they will help you find Stib’s hiding place.

Before you sits a great throne carved from white stone and wrapped with an overgrowth of twisting vines. You spy a naked and glowing elfin creature only 4 inches tall balancing on a leaf, and as you watch, it spreads dragonfly wings. Suddenly thousands of these glowing fey f ly up from nearby hiding spots, filling the air with a deep drone and a cacophony of high-pitched voices. As they dance in the air the vines that mantle the seat of stone begin to grow and move, sprouting new leaves and beautiful flowers. The binding vegetation wraps around and around bulging to form the likeness of a strange creature. The tiny fey form a multi hued cloud of light that surges upward gathering in a concentrated point of light within the plant statue. In a brilliant and prismatic flash the statue comes to life. Now flesh and blood, a creature with a lions head, a mans torso and the body of a hippogriff, leans forward. Leaves and branches sprouting from its golden mane, the creature speaks in a voice full of wisdom and power. “I am Yigg, the Elder Sage, tell me your name.

Players were given a magical seed from the eldersage. Players got “epic loot” from eldersage Players collected pots from the great hall to give as gifts to the PoisonDusk Tribe.


Where is our “epic loot”?

Day one

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