Character Creation

This game will have some complex character creation rules but the resulting complex characters are sure to prove worth the effort. Below is a list of the books that will be allowed for use, the rules on character creation, and some steps you may want to fallow when designing your character. To start, the two things players always want to know is “what level” and “how much gold” so here they are:
  • Starting “ECL” is 8
  • Starting gold is 12000
  • Use the standard 22point buy system in the DMG for abilities
  • Use max HP for all hit dice

Here are the books you may use. Note that the +1 book of player’s choice refers to any book in the 3.5 archive. I installed this rule so that players may splash in new classes and feats but not pull from every DnD resource known to man and to keep characters more centrally themed.

Books Used
Players Handbook 1-2
DMG 1-2
Monster Manual 1-4
Fiend Folio
Savage Species
+1 book of player’s choice

So now you might be wondering, are there any restrictions on race, class or feats? There will be no limitations on feats or class so long as you fallow the above guidelines on book resources. When choosing a race some rules apply. We are using the Savage Species book so obviously monsters may become the race or “base creature” for your character. Should you choose to play a race that has a level adjustment of +0 you must add a template to that character.
A list of available races/monsters/templates is given below but you may chose to play a monster class from a splash book. In this case you will need DM approval but when generating ideas fallow these general guidelines:
  • No Dragons
  • No Subterranean/underground (or light vulnerable)
  • No Undead
  • No Evil
  • No Abjuration
  • No Demon/Devil
  • No Trolls
  • No Constructs
  • No Slaad
As a result you have a few options when choosing a starting race/monster/template and to help you Iv outlined those below. Should you need help using the Savage Species book just let me know.
  • Choose a race with a +0 level adjustment (Such as Gnome, Halfling or Woodelf), add a template (which will have a level adjustment) and then simply add class levels until the ECL is equal to 8.
  • Choose a monster with an ECL less than 8 then add class levels. You may only add a template in this case if the template would not raise the monster’s ECL above 8 before becoming a monster class (see chapter 3 in Savage Species book for more info on monster classes)
  • Choose a monster with an ECL above 8, dissolve that monster into a monster class with max levels equal to its level adjustment (see chapter 3 in Savage Species) and take 8 levels of that class. This may require some help from your DM
  • If you want to get really creative by stacking more than one template and using a monster class, you have a multitude of options. For example you could create an Anthropomorphic animal, add the Tauric template and the Monster of Legend template.
  • The only options you don’t have would be to select a creature with ECL greater than 8, create a monster class out of it and then try to take fewer than 8 levels of the monster class to make room for a template. And as previously discussed you may not chose to be a simple Gnome with 8 levels of any class.

So those are all the rules. As stated before, there will be no outlawed/banned feats, classes or spells so feel free to get inventive. Additional character options such as skill tricks, traits/flaws or vows and all that extra stuff will not be used in this campaign. NOTE: all these rules are subject to change based on level of creativity. If you think you have a super good idea for a unique and creative character that falls outside the parameters for character creation listed here and you’d like to contest the rules just ask.

Playable Races
Players Handbook
Halfling (Small Humanoid)
Gnome (Small Humanoid)
Monster Manual
- Astral Diva (Medium Outsider-angle, extraplaner, good)
- Hound (Medium Outsider-archon, extraplaner, good, lawful)
- Trumpet (Medium Outsider-archon, extraplaner, good, lawful)
Azer (Medium Outsider-extraplaner, fire)
Centaur (Large Monstrous Humanoid)
Dryad (Medium Fey)
- Bralain (Medium Outsider-extraplaner, chaotic, good)
- Ghaele (Medium Outsider- extraplaner, chaotic, good)
- Wood Elf (Medium Humanoid)
- Djinni (Large Outsider-extraplaner, air)
- Janni (Medium Outsider-native)
- Cloud (Huge Giant-air)
- Hill (Large Giant)
- Stone (Large Giant-earth)
- Storm (Huge Giant)
- Forest Gnome (Small Humanoid)
Lammasu (Large Magical Beast)
Lillend (Large Outsider-extraplaner, chaotic, good)
Lizard Folk (Medium Humanoid-reptilian)
- Werebare (Large Humanoid-shapechanger)
- Werebore (Medium Humanoid-shapechanger)
- Weretiger (Large Humanoid-shapechanger)
Minotaur (Large Monstrous Humanoid)
Nymph (Medium Fey)
Ogre (Large Giant)
- Aasimar (Medium Outsider-native)
Satyr (Medium Fey)
Treant (Huge Plant)
Monster Manual 2
- Cervidal (Medium Outsider-good)
- Lupinal (Medium Outsider-good)
- Forest (Huge Giant)
- Sun (Huge Giant-fire)
Loxo (Large Monstrous Humanoid)
Sirine (Medium Fey-aquatic)
Monster Manual 3
- Sand (Large Giant-earth, fire)
Glaistig (Medium Fey)
Goatfolk (Large Monstrous Humanoid)
Justicator (Large Outsider Lawful)
Lizardfolk, Black Scale (Large Monstrous Humanoid-reptilian)
Lizardfolk, Poison Dusk (Small Monstrous Humanoid-reptilian)
Phoelarch (Medium Monstrous Humanoid-fire) cold version available
Thorn (Small Fey)
Wood Woad (Medium Plant)
Monster Manual 4
-Justice (Medium Outsider-good, lawful)
Fiend Folio
- Monadic (Medium Outsider-extraplaner, good)
- Movanic (Medium Outsider-extraplaner, good)
Fey-touched (Medium Fey)
Fossergrim (Medium Fey-aquatic)
- Bog (Large Giant-aquatic)
Oread (Medium Fey-earth)

Monster Manual
Celestial +2
Half – Celestial +4
Half – Dragon (metallic) +3
Monster Manual 2
Monster of Legend
Monster Manual 3
Fiend Folio

Character Creation

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