The ElderSage, Yigg, has called on you to be his champion. The world you live in is dominated by the savage, wild and the un-civilized. An over-growth of plants, beasts and magic populates the planet. The ancient evils of Demons and the alien beings of the far realm are all but banished. Yet a new threat rises now to upset the balance of good and nature.

The youngbloods (aka humans) in their never ending pursuit of things they do not have, are beginning to uncover the forbidding powers of necromancy. They have begun to tap into the negative energies, locked away by your ancestor s, that could tare apart the forces of life in this world.

To make matters worse, the dwarfs, in their secret dealings underground have mastered the art of their craft. In advancing their technologies and mettle workings they have learned to construct beings with life of their own. The dwarfs posses powers reserved for the gods and fueling the industry of theses manufactured monstrosities is taking its tole on the finite realm of living things.

Now as these two races consume out of control, they build armies of immortal undead and warforged soldier to campaign against one another in a mad quest for power and territory. Mother nature and the creatures of good now are caught in the turmoil of this conflict. The current state of things can not be allowed to spiral out of control any longer.

The ElderSage summons you the Yiggdrasial wood, to beg you defend your tribe, your people, and all forces of life. To do so you will need to unlock the powers that founded all life and magic. You must free the beings that were born at the beginning of the world; the Dragons. With the strength of the dragons restored, the armies of man and dwarf can be crushed into oblivion and the order of natural things set back in balance.

To begin, you must seek out the leaders of the five troll tribes, for only the trolls know where the true dragons are sealed. The first troll you should seek is called Stebb. He lives in the Deep Forest not far from the Yiggdrasial wood. Stebb is a hunter and very blunt. Be careful when dealing with him because he has been known to let those passing through his territory fall into danger without warning…

Find Stebb in the DeepWood and get him to tell you where the dragon seal is. Brake the seal and free the first of the true dragons and you will have made the first step toward saving this land.


Calamity of the Youngbloods ElderSage