Calamity of the Youngbloods


Do to the fall out of players, and one or two other reasons this game has been discontinued.

My apologizes, but many games have fallen to this fate. The dark void of the internet seams to suck the life out of DnD

Bonus 1

These are the unique item rewards promised to each player character due to lateness on the DM’s part to the first campaign session.

(Narratives are given from Yigg as the distributer of the items)

For you, Kephinial, who was born in darkness yet walks the path of light I have something very special. These are the Devil’s Luck Dice, a game token that should not be played with. I have kept them sealed away to keep those foolish enough to try to use them safe from their own temptation. Being that you of all beings understands most intimately the dangers of devil magic, I trust your judgment with these dice. (The dice may only be rolled once per round. You may roll the dice as an immediate reaction to replace any d20 result. A result of 3 – 6 or 8 – 11 is added to the original roll. A result of 7 equals a critical hit/success. A result of 2 aka “snake eyes” equals a critical miss/failure. Should you roll 12 you fail the check or miss and the dice are destroyed. You must decide to use the dice after you have made the original roll, but before the success or failure of that roll has been announced. Rolling the dice means dropping them in your square or an adjacent square, so they must be picked up with a move action before they can be used again).

Crucious, my favored Pixy, I have a gift for you that I have been saving for a long time. It was given to me by the first of the Sprites to gain sentience. He was an alchemist who captured the essence of potent magics from arcane and divine fountains that no longer exist in this world. Before he passed he left behind his famous dagger: SharpBrush (+3 Magic Dagger with built in Triple Weapon Capsule Retainer). He also left behind this small multicolored silk bag containing the remainder of his alchemical collection (8 Quickflame Capsules, 8 Quickfrost Capsules, 8 Quickspark Capsules and 4 Unmarked Capsules).

You… Aiden, I think I have something that you can handle. This is the Band of Burning Brow, made form the mane of a Nightmare and woven by the Angles of the Crimson Crusade. While wearing this very long bandanna, if you set one end alight (a move action requiring open flame), you will be as if under the effects of a Haste Spell. Should you burn both ends consecutively however, you will move at such a speed that you can preform two actions to every one of your foe’s (effectively letting you take a second turn immediately after your first in the initiative count). I hope you use it wisely for by its measure, it should posses only 40 uses (20 if burnt at both ends, each round burnt counting as one use).

And for the lost but not forgotten archon, Ario Toth, I give this ring baring three stars to aid you in your quest. You have left the realm of the divine to save the world that they have created and still your heart desires to be at their side and in their service. This ring will introduce you to the gods of the realm you now find yourself in. By making a wish, and calling upon the power of the gods, you can summon them to your side to grant you that wish. Each use of the ring will expend a single star, each time summoning a different god not of your choosing. As you well know, speaking to a deity is no small task, so keep your wish simple and direct or the ring will not work. I hope that in meeting them, you find what you are looking for. (Using the ring is a full round action)

Good Luck to you all, and may these gifts bring you good fortune.

Day one

Yigg quest 1
On the edge of the Deepwood is the poison dusk tribe that camps on the border of the Yggdrasil forest. Seek out the poison dusk for they are able scouts and know the deepwoods well. If you can convince them, they will help you find Stib’s hiding place.

Before you sits a great throne carved from white stone and wrapped with an overgrowth of twisting vines. You spy a naked and glowing elfin creature only 4 inches tall balancing on a leaf, and as you watch, it spreads dragonfly wings. Suddenly thousands of these glowing fey f ly up from nearby hiding spots, filling the air with a deep drone and a cacophony of high-pitched voices. As they dance in the air the vines that mantle the seat of stone begin to grow and move, sprouting new leaves and beautiful flowers. The binding vegetation wraps around and around bulging to form the likeness of a strange creature. The tiny fey form a multi hued cloud of light that surges upward gathering in a concentrated point of light within the plant statue. In a brilliant and prismatic flash the statue comes to life. Now flesh and blood, a creature with a lions head, a mans torso and the body of a hippogriff, leans forward. Leaves and branches sprouting from its golden mane, the creature speaks in a voice full of wisdom and power. “I am Yigg, the Elder Sage, tell me your name.

Players were given a magical seed from the eldersage. Players got “epic loot” from eldersage Players collected pots from the great hall to give as gifts to the PoisonDusk Tribe.


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